Christmas enchanted fairy tale

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A children's Christmas book overview video

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Children's Christmas book review by Pikasho Deka for Reader's Favorite

  Reviewed by: Pikasho Deka Review Rating: 5 Stars  - Congratulations on your 5-star review!  Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite Treat yourselves and your loved ones to an upcoming Christmas with a Christmas tale for the ages with R.J. Amezcua's A Femich Christmas. Complemented by some enchanting illustrations by Rabindra Nath Barman, transport yourselves to the magical land of Femich, where Santa and his helpers prepare gifts for all. This season, however, there is brewing resentment between the villages of Hopy and Kiko, both of whom suspect the other of sabotaging their Christmas. Now, it is up to young Sheribelle -- assigned by the Queen of the Dalimixies -- to embark on a quest to restore the Heart of Christmas. With the Blue Star as her guide, Sheribelle sets out in her sled and lands in the snow-covered Nabba Forest, where she meets a small boy named Sammy from the Kiko village. Together, the two children must revive the Christmas spirit. Christmas is a time for

Portriat of a christmas character

 This is Ariel, she is a member of guardians that protect the enchanted land of Femich. 

portriat of a christmas character, snow pony

 here is a character from "A Femich Christmas," this animal is called a Femich snow pony that has the ability to fly and has a gem on its head that glows giving it the ability to see when it flies at night.  

Official poster for "A Femich Christmas."

 This is the official poster for the illustrated children's book "A Femich Christmas."

The Heart of Christmas music and purchase links

 The Heart of Christmas A Femich Christmas song.